Huawei P30 Pro Zoom Test From 40,000 Feet

The Huawei P30 Pro 50x zoom in action is truly impressive to watch. This video shows how well the P30 camera. 
Huawei p30 Pro Zoom Test From 40,000 Feet

Magnification works thanks to its 5x optical zoom and AI technology scale.

Huawei p30 Pro Zoom Test From 40,000 Feet

The new Huawei P30 Pro 50x zoom combines 5x optical zoom with an artificial intelligence-powered digital magnification. This is really impressive for mobile phones. This video shows how it works.

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Even with the AI-assisted 50x zoom watercolor effect, the results are almost magical.

The 5x zoom is clearly good and crystal clear. The 10x hybrid zoom is still pretty good as well, while the 20x digital zoom begins to show the effect. The 50x blur is too much but acceptable. It’s amazing how well it works out things like typography. You can clearly read the letters that would be impossible to see with any other phone.

The new Huawei actually does an unprecedented job on all fronts. The 5x-50x hybrid zoom is just the cosmic icing on the cake. It may be the newest camera phone yet, without further testing. After this video, I can’t wait to see what Oppo will be able to do with its rumored 10x optical zoom.

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