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Here I am going to share Top Rated Application For Doctor Advice Online and Even the first sample is free. 

App Name is MFine [DOWNLOAD]

Why Use MFine App?

  • Online Medical Consultation – Speak to doctors immediately in Hindi and English (via chat, audio, or video call)
  • Easy home health checkup (including medical consultation)
  • Personal and family health membership
  • Timely medication reminder on your phone
  • Digitized health records, accessible and stored securely in the application

Free Doctor on Whatsapp

If you are thinking can we get a doctor on WhatsApp through this App? My answer is NO because why you need to use Whatsaap if you have App Like MFine a Simple App With a good interface with professional doctors.

In my opinion, don’t depend on Whatsaap for Doctor. Use the Separate app because this is more convenient for you.

How To Get Access to Top Doctors Online

  • Download MFine App From Playstore 
  • Register and Book Appointment

Best virtual doctor app

Is this is the best Virtual Doctor App, Yes, This is the best-rated app by play store, This app get over 4.2 Ratings? This is used by most people. This app installs a total of 1 Million Times. 

My Review About This App

Let me share my experience with you guys. My mother got sick and not able to move but I don’t understand what is this symptom is about so I downloaded this app and use it the first and it cost only 199 rs and the mother is consulted by the professional doctor.

But before that, I searched a lot of best online doctor websites, on google but no one perfect thy are charging high amount of money. But trust me guys this app is amazing. you will get the best online doctor reviews and consulted by top doctors online. 

Full Feature Of MFine:-

Offers You Get

First online medical consultation at INR 199 | Up to 60% Off On All Home Health Checks Free collection of samples for a health checkup. 50% Off On MFine Subscription (Introductory Offer)

The right care for you – easy and problem-free

Home health check-up

  1. Select a health checkup
  2. Choose your date, time and address
  3. The sample has been collected from your address
  4. Health report uploaded on the application within 24-48 hours
  5. Talk to a doctor to get a personal medical consultation.
  6. Hospital laboratories accredited by NABL and ISO standard

Choose from over 19 personal health screening packages for you:

  • Full body verification
  • Advanced Full Body Verification
  • Full Body Control (Male / Female)
  • Master health check

Advanced thyroid care

  • Diabetes screening
  • Dengue detection
  • breast exam
  • Complete blood count test
  • pregnancy test
  • Vitamin deficiency test

Online medical consultation:

1. Choose Your Character
2. Choose a doctor from the best hospitals of your choice.
3. Talk to a doctor wherever you are.
4. Consult safely via chat, audio or video

Choose from over 1000 symptoms or enter your name in over 25 specialties.

Irregular or missed time
Menstrual pain and bleeding
Menopause problems
Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Doctor / General Medicine
Cough / cold / fever
Gas / acidity
Drip / stuffy nose
stomach pain
Loose movement / constipation
High / Low BP (Hypertension / Hypo stress)

Hair problem
Skin infections
skin allergy
Black circle
Scalp problems

Diet and nutrition
Lose weight and gain weight
Overweight and underweight
Individual diet for medical conditions (diabetes, BP, thyroid, etc.)

Over 25 specifications including:

  • Diabetology
  • Psychiatry
  • Urology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Andrology (Men’s sexual health)
  • Orthopedic (Orthopedic and Joint specialist)
  • Endocrinology (thyroid, developmental problems, and other complaints)
  • Cardiology (Cardiologist)
  • Odontology
  • Neurosurgery (brain and neurologist)
  • General surgery (hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and other complaints)


  •  6 family members included
  • Unlimited online counseling
  •  Free follow up in the hospital.


Laboratory tests – choose from several lab tests including CBC, cholesterol control, thyroid health, diabetes control, and more

Premium Hospital & Diagnostic Network

Mfine with the best hospitals and clinical network partners ensures that you receive the best quality care. Our partners include Apollo, Cloud Nine, Ovum, Healthians, Thyrocare, Kimes, Motherhood, Sunshine, HOSMAT, RxDx, Aster, and more.

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