10 Best Tricks for iPhone Users [Working on Old and New iPhone]

This Trick Work On All iPhone Models:
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Every year  Apple gives its iPhone operating system a major update with new functions. Some are quickly forgotten – a shame actually because they make life easier. We reveal a few tricks that not every Apple user knows.

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1. Siri gets the password

Apple’s voice assistant Siri always has an answer ready. On command, she also retrieves a forgotten password. All the user has to do is say: “Hey Siri, show me my passwords” or “Hey Siri, what is my password for Instagram?”
 Also, the user must confirm their identity for the password query, either by FaceID or fingerprint.

2. Scan documents and create PDFs

With the Notes app on the iPhone, users can scan documents and save them as PDF. This works via the camera icon, which is displayed when creating or editing notes. Click on it and select the option “Scan documents” from the menu that appears. A yellow frame helps position the viewfinder of the iPhone correctly over the sheet and keep it still during the scanning process. If the result is correct, tap “Keep scan” and “Save” to save the scanned document. 

3. Change the brightness of the flashlight

The flashlight function is really practical. It is even more practical, however, that you can adjust the brightness yourself. Depending on the light intensity you need. Hold down the flashlight symbol and you will be shown the different levels, which you can easily move up or down by swiping.

4. Find photos again with the text search

Over the years, an enormous number of photos have accumulated in the iPhone album. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to find certain pictures. Thanks to automatic image recognition and the storage of metadata, the iPhone can do some of the searchings for us. 
All the user has to do is enter a keyword in the text search in the photo app, for example, “dog”, “children”, “Italy” or “beach”. The device then shows a selection of results on which the desired motif can be seen.

5. Jump faster to typos

Really annoying: you have written a long text, proofread it and find one or two typing errors. It is often difficult to get to exactly this point without fumbling. This can also be easily remedied with a little trick: hold down the space bar until the line flashes. You can now move it quickly and precisely to any desired position, even within words, and correct errors.

6. Send a secret message

A nice gimmick is hidden in the in-house app iMessage for sending SMS. There, users can add funny effects to their messages, for example, the “secret ink”. This makes the message disappear and the recipient first has to rub it with his finger before he can read it. Unfortunately, this only works from iPhone to iPhone. 
The effects can be added by holding down the green “send” arrow next to the input window after entering the message. 

7. Activate the notification light

Incoming messages on the iPhone are usually only noticeable through a subtle noise. If you do not want to miss any messages, you can also convert the LED flash into a notification light that does not stop flashing until you have missed messages or calls. To do this, open the “Accessibility” in the iPhone settings. Under the heading, you will find the “Audio / Visual” option. Here you can enable the “LED flash for information”. 
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8. Individual click strength of the home button

You can set the click resistance in iPhone from the home button on an iPhone 7 and the newer models. for this, go to “Settings” and then click on the “General” folder. There you will find the “Home button” option. Choose between 1, 2, or 3 and test the strength on the button.

9. Delete all tabs at the same time

Sometimes you just want to clean up your browser. continuously google, clicking, and forwarding keeps the opening tabs that you never need again. Closing the pages one by one is quite tedious.
With this trick you can close them all at the same time: Hold down the tab view icon and a window will open. from here you can choose between the “new tab” and “close tabs”. In the tab view itself, just hold your finger longer on “done” and the same function pops up.

10. Prevent camera jumps in zoom mode

The dual camera from iPhone 7 and newer models is practical. Because with the double zoom, it automatically switches to the telephoto lens. The perspective jumps slightly. This bothers and stands out as soon as you are in video mode and zoom in while recording.
But the automatic jump to telemovie can be switched off: Go to “Settings”, look for the menu item “Camera” and click on “Record video”. There you will find a controller under “Lock camera”. Slide it to the right. As of now, the camera no longer jumps to the telephoto mode when you are filming.


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