iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung vs OnePlus Battery Drain Test!

iPhone SE Battery life comparison of iPhone SE / iPhone SE 2 / iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8.  so it’s becoming pretty clear that this new iPhone SE is incredible value in terms of the power and the camera you can get for $399 but the one question mark I’ve had ever since.
iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung vs OnePlus Battery Drain Test!

I first saw the spec sheet is the battery the iPhone SE on the far left comes fitted with an 1821 million power cell which I mean that’s the smallest battery I’ve had in one of these tests for years and when you compare it to its iPhone and Android counterparts it almost looks like something’s wrong but Apple promises a full day of battery and they’re not normally wrong about that so we’re gonna test it but I’m having my doubts that said if you have a look at the current level of the battery on each all three.
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iPhones are still showing a hundred percent compared to the Android phones which if both lost a little bit it’s worth mentioning that yes whilst this iPhone SE does have a tiny capacity battery it does have a few things that should help it last longer it’s tiny I mean just look at the iPhone SE versus the iPhone 11 it’s sitting next to which even in itself is not considered to be a huge phone.

It’ll give you an idea of how small the SC’s display combines that with the fact that the screen it does have is low resolution and that it only refreshes 60 times per second compared to Samsung which can do 120 + 1 + which can do 90 this is all going to save battery.

Apple iPhone SE 2 is Powerful Than 

I mean don’t get me wrong these aren’t positive features I’m not saying this is a selling point to the phone but the lack of these features will help to save some juice if we have a look at the battery capacity of it now though wow it has lost some juice you know we’ve only just past the hour mark in this test and it’s already barely at 80% on these battery comparisons I tend to say that if a phone can hit five hours that’s fine that’s the good battery if you can at 6 that’s great 7 + amazing but I’m not so sure the iPhone SE is even gonna hit 5 at this rate we’re just launching into a new game now this is called Good punch.

I think and it’s kind of perfect for a battery test because it plays itself so while that’s running people have already been asking me why am I not comparing the iPhone SE to Google’s pixel 3a or other similarly priced phones well it’s two things but first of all that I think that a lot of the phones that are actually going properly compete against the iPhone SE price-wise are coming soon, for example, Google’s pixel for a is just around the corner and supposedly a budget phone from Oneplus 2.

The second thing is that I think a bigger question people are asking now is not is this new iPhone SE as good as other $400 competitors but more about is it worth spending more is this iPhone SE good enough or will I get better if I spend $700 and that’s the question that this test is answering the iPhone SE is the cheapest phone.

Here so obviously its specs won’t side by side completely match up to the other phones but we’re looking at the question of is it good enough on that note though if you have a look at the battery percentages again it’s having a rough time we’re talking single-digit rough and it’s all but cemented itself as the phone that’s gonna die first now and this isn’t a one-off incident oh there it goes now this is exactly what I noticed.

When I’ve been using the SE, for example, my camera comparison if you haven’t seen that video I’ll link it up here somewhere but whilst I was filming that the SE was the first time in a long time that I’ve had to actually pause the filming of my camera comparison just so I can charge up the battery again.

I will say that just in defense of the iPhone SE that it’s done by battery drain is almost zero so during a normal day while the battery will sit pretty fast while you’re actively using the phone it’ll probably lose next to nothing while it’s sitting in your pocket not being used so it’s not like the phone will be dead by lunchtime right.

Good News For iPhone User

So SE is dead we are past the four-hour mark so just before I fast forward this test and get to the results let’s just see how far ahead these other phones are if you’re wondering by the way I’ve set all phones to equivalent settings so the same brightness 50% speaker volume Wi-Fi on Bluetooth on location on I’m trying to create a slightly more intensive than average usage case scenario to compensate for the fact that in a normal day 

You also have to worry about battery lost on standby in between uses which test like these can’t really factor in there goes iPhone 11 our IP and while I have been kind of focusing on what’s happening with the iPhones on this test bear in mind that Oneplus has silently slipped into first place.

Which I guess you kind of expect you know it’s got the biggest battery of the bunch and his display or any refreshes at 90 Hertz compared to 120 on the Samsung which these are both better than the 60 they’re all the iPhones used in the short window of time that I’ve been using the 1+8 I’ve had no less than three major software updates so Oneplus may have actually been improving the battery life over time no going back to the SC for a minute.

I’m getting a lot of people asking me why did Apple make this phone surely as a company that focuses on exclusive high-end devices they’re damaging their own brand reputation by making something so affordable and to answer that I would say maybe to some really small extent but two main things are going on here first of all the very fact that I’m currently comparing this against $700 plus phones go to show that really at $400 right now there aren’t many viable competitors this price bracket used to be incredibly heavily contested a few years ago but since then the companies that used to be $400 have now kind of trickled upwards into higher price brackets and secondly building a cut-price phone and then dropping it into a market where there’s barely any strong competition is a great way of turning loads of potential Android users into Apple users.

Apple users who will use Apple’s App Store their Apple music Apple maps and all sorts of Apple services which is great for the company anyways there is one phone left so just kind of fast forward all the way and get straight to the results in fifth place is iPhone SE with a time of three hours and 46 minutes.

Even though in a day-to-day scenario when you’re not using it for three hours of continuous screen on time it’ll feel like more than that I can’t get behind actively recommend you buy a phone with endurance like this even if you’re not even a power user even with medium usage this is probably not going to cut it iPhone 11 though is quite a lot better with almost bang on five hours.

It’s also helped by the fact that again this phone will lose almost nothing on standby compared to let’s say my Samsung phone which will slowly trickle away even when I’m not using it next up is galaxy s 20 which lasted a lot longer it was only been set to full HD resolution but what makes this result more impressive is the fact that this whole test it’s been running at 100 20 Hertz screen refresh rate which naturally will take more of a toll on the battery iPhone 11 Pro was next.

While this phone does only run at 60 Hertz it does so at a higher default screen resolution and it’s a compact phone you generally expect compact phones to have less endurance and finally by a landslide is the Wampus 8 and I did a battery test not too long ago.

Where I compared this against all the plus-sized top-level flagships and compared to them 


It was towards the bottom end of the pile whereas compared to this group of smaller cheaper phones it’s actually doing really really well but I would say but even though you can’t really compare results between battery tests because I’m running different applications in all of them the result of this phone has improved so much that I can only assume Oneplus is issued to some sort of patch which improves battery life anyways thanks for watching and let me know if you prefer the style of battery test where you can actually see my face as well with that being said my name is Erin this is mister who’s the boss and I’ll catch you in the next one.



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