How to Change PUBG Avatar – My Best Method

How to Change PUBG Avatar – My Best Method. Your PUBG Avatar is the main thing, it is like the First impression and anyone can judge you by Your  PUBG Avatar. But, Pubg Provide some of  PUBG Avatar but they are not COOL Enough.

Many Of People think they can’t change their Pubg Avtaar but this is not true. you Just have to follow some steps to change that Avatar.

PUBG New Update:

Player Unknown Battleground or PUBG started rolling out 0.12.0 update. New 0.12.0 update can now be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For Android users, the update is about 475MB in size and while the app store does not appear to update the size, the patch size is more than 150MB. 

The latest version of this popular Battle Royal game brings many improvements, but the main is a new PUBG mobile zombie mode called Zombie: Dark Knight. 

Event mode has been replaced by EvoGround. An update is available as an OTA update and should be downloaded preferably through a Wi-Fi network.

Updates Are:

  • Survive Till Dawn 2
  • Crosshair Modifications
  • New Weapons
  • Darkest Night
  • Spectator Mode

let’s Come to Our Topic How to Change PUBG Avatar Easily

You Get Default PUBG Avatar Like This:

Pubg avatar
Pubg Avatar
The Avatar Are Not Cool Enough. So If you want To change The PUBG Avatar, Follow My Step carefully.
1. First You have to Come In DashBoard and click in the profile option.

How to Change PUBG Avatar

2. Click in The ‘Information’ (Where Arrow Represented)

How to Change PUBG Avatar

3. Click In Avatar Section

How to Change PUBG Avatar
4. Click in Icon From where You connected with a social button
How to Change PUBG Avatar
5. Now Go back and make sure you connected with the same account from where your PUBG mobile is Running. 
How to Change PUBG Avatar
6. Open Youtube in your Mobile
 PUBG Avatar
7. Click on ‘My Channel’ Option
PUBG Avatar
8. Simply Change Your Profile in Youtube Mobile (Just like in Facebook and Instagram) and simply You Select your Image which you want to make your PUBG AVATAR.

Hope, This process Is pretty Simple Now you have to do only one thing.
WAIT……. [Atleast 5 Minute]
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This is the technique of changing PUBG Avatar in PUBG MOBILE. If this process is not working I will consider to Follow this step again very sincerely or if it is not working then Comment it is My Best Method to Change PUBG Avatar. 

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