5 Best ‘Bhoot Wali Film’ in Hindi 2020 available in Youtube | Must Watch This bhoot wali picture

Here I am going to share bhoot wali film in Hindi 2020 ok so you can all watch this will directly from here or you can simply go on YouTube and type their name which is given here if you have any doubt related this bhoot wali film or Bhoot wali picture you can read the description of that video if you want to know story of that movie.

Overview Of All 5 Best ‘Bhoot Wali Film’

1. 13B 

The first movie’s name is 13b is movies complete thriller and suspense movie and I make sure if you’re starting to watch this movie you are very curious about ending. This is an underrated film but there is a lot of thriller in this movie.

2.  Ekkadiki 

After concluding his examination, Arjun (Nikhil Siddharth) waits at the marriage registration office for the marriage of his girlfriend Ayesha but Ayesha does not come, and Arjun is left with a broken heart. A few years later, Arjun’s friend, Kishore, is mentally disturbed and feels that he is possessed by a soul. 

Arjun takes the teenager to Kerala for treatment. When the teenager is treated, Arjun approaches a girl named Amala and is attracted to her, as she feels that he is similar to Ayesha in terms of attitude. This is also a good Bhoot Wali Film.


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4. AMAVAS 2019 

South Indian films featuring South (Saute) dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2018 Naya (New Hindi Movies 2019, New South Movie 2019, New Movies 2019) “AMAAVAS 2019” starring JD Chakraborty, Ashwin Kakumanu and Shashiwada. Especially in diglex action movies.

5. Swetha

South Indian Movies Full Movie 2019 New dubbed in Hindi: Sveta and her three friends, who are students of Para Psychology, go to an old and haunted bungalow to film their project report on the existence of evil spirits. 

Sveta finds a dubbook box with old demonic symbols in the bungalow and returns it to its place, without realizing that it has a malicious demon. It does not open the box several times, but one night, the box opens automatically. Can Sweta see inside the box? What will happen next?


5 Best ‘Bhoot Wali Film’ in Hindi 2020 available in Youtube. This all is the best bhoot wali film you can search on youtube or even you can download or I can say offline via youtube. 


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