PUBG Mobile iOS vs Android Graphics & Gameplay Comparison | How to Install Pubg IOS

PUBG Mobile iOS vs Android Graphics & Gameplay Comparison. 
PUBG Mobile iOS vs Android Graphics & Gameplay Comparison


Welcome my friends  and a couple days ago Pubg mobile came out in Canada for iOS and Android this means we finally have an English version of Pubg mobile in our hands and it’s actually pretty easy to get so if you’re an Android this is really simple just go sneak in description and there’s an apk for you to go down and you can just play.

How to Install PUBG IOS

it’s that easy now if you’re on iOS it is a little bit more complicated the first thing you want to do is create a brand new Apple ID so just visit here for Pubg IOS.

It will seem to disappear so you can create a new Apple ID and the reason we’re doing this is because if you have any money on your account at all Apple will not let you switch regions so if you do for some reason not have like one select on your account you can use that Apple ID orbit in my Chinese tutorial you can use that Apple ID you created for this arm region switching.

After Creating Apple ID for PUBG Mobile

So once you create your brand new Apple ID you want to go ahead and switch over to the App Store select the account icon sign out of your old Apple ID and sign into the new one you just created once you’ve signed in with your brand new Apple ID you want to go ahead and select your account name and then select country and region if you want to select change country or region

Scroll all the way down to Canada now once you’ve done that agree to these terms and agreements and you should be brought to this page now once you get to this page you want to copy the billing address.

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I have here the phone number doesn’t really matter but you want to make sure you have all this exact information this will make Apple believe you’re actually in Canada now once you copy us you want to go ahead and select next and your account will be switched over to Canada and it’s simple as that you can go ahead and type in pub G Mobile here and you should scroll down you can see the beat you’ll be able to download it right here now.

I’ll see my linkage Griffin if you can’t find it cuz for some time some reason it doesn’t show up very often but that’s it guys you can finally play Pubg in English now it is not the same one as the one in Canada I mean the one in China it’s a little bit more or less update doesn’t have all their own features but it’s still definitely fun to play especially it’s fun to play with English players and have English menus.

PUBG Mobile iOS vs Android Graphics & Gameplay Comparison 



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