How To Identify Fake Apple iPhone 11 all Models in Few Steps

how to identify fake iPhone 11 all Models in Few Steps. How To Identify Fake Apple iPhone 11 all Models in Few Steps

Hey guys what’s up as you see here an iPhone 11 well you may think so and I also thought so when I saw it first it’s an iPhone clone it’s not a real iPhone it does look like iPhone 11 because it comes in rose gold but if you look closely there is no s here it is a very well built flown and if I put it next to an iPhone this is an iPhone 11.
I’m here to receive my 6s so just for comparison sake since both look very identical 6 and 6s the clone here which is in Rose Bowl Clarke color has exactly identical placement of SIM card frame bar button the back looks exactly the same the sides and the button placement of the mute switch as well as the volume rockers is the same the bottom looks.
The same it’s very difficult to visually identify these two phones just by saying looking at them and telling them that which is real and which is fake in fact the logo has also been done very nicely this time it comes with this glossy finish although.
It catches up smudges really fast the protruding camera the camera updates the location of secondary microphone and everything is identical but how to tell apart the real iPhone from the fake one well this also poses to have a fingerprint sensor. 
Which you can set it up but it will unlock with any other finger or anything the print as a matter of fact it is just a touch sensor the easiest way to touch tell whether this is a real or failed iPhone is stupidly open the app store you open the app store instead of taking you to a collapsed or it takes you to Google Play Store that’s it that is the first trend that this is a fake iPhone and when you hit on Macs that will take you to the Google Maps rather than Apple maps this is another hand whereas when you do the same thing on a real iPhone you bet on the App Store icon it will take you to the Apple App Store.

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When you hit on the maps it will take you to Apple Maps and not the Google Maps basically this is an Android phone which has been skinned like an Apple iPhone and it even looks like an iPhone it even charges with a lightning connector so you will get the same cable connector even the box packaging looks very similar to an iPhone packaging it’s a white-colored box however they have got the print wrong on top of it in the box you would find your documentation.
It says design in Apple California there is also a sim ejector tools on documentation and the accessories also incredibly looks like the real iPhone this is how close the clothes have come and this is one of the best quality clothes that I have seen so far it works really well when it comes to overall feel and it looks and feels like an iPhone if I show you the camera application it is capable of taking good quality pictures it comes with the same UI that you would find on Apple iPhone but it does not record slow motion or time-lapse it has very bare minimum modes and the front-facing camera here is also not disappointing there is a five-megapixel shooter at front 
A 16 megapixel shooter at the rear as for the Antutu that we installed and tested to check out the specifications we also took some pictures with this phone and these are some of the shots you can see the clarity and detail it is a really good imitation of Apple’s iPhone but this is not a real iPhone so beware when you purchase it from open market and if you are getting an iPhone for prices that are too good to be true beware that you may be getting a fake or a clone and do not purchase a fake one thinking that it’s a real one.




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