Google Will Pay You 1.5 Million If you do this for Google | Learn How

Want to get 1.5 Million From Google  for free

Google Will Pay You 1,5 Million If you do this for Google | Learn What
I want to know how Google will pay you 1.5 million what you need to do is..

You just need to find a bug in a pixel device.

Google Pixel is a phone by Google which is very popular for its camera qualities.

So what you need to do you just need to find a bug which can harm users interface or their security you just need to find that and inform about that bug to Google and they will fix this bug and pay you 1.5 million but not hundred percent 1.5 million but approx 1.5 million because it totally depends how big bug is.

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When Google first introduced its bug bounty program for Android the biggest bug bounty award was $38,000 in Indian Rupees which is equal to 2,72,81,188 India Rupees.

Why Google is Ready To Pay 1.5 Dollars?

Google will ready to pay you 1.5 million dollars because nowadays there are lots of security issues with lots of Android phones if I talk about Android there are lots of ways to bleach user’s data.

Because of that, Google will announce a bounty program where anyone can find a bug in there OS or Android or pixel devices and simple Google will pay him money?

One of the best things about that program is you don’t need any degree or any requirement. If you are a normal person sitting in front of laptop or computer and find any bug from Pixel devices what you need to do just inform to Google and get your reward for your work but it is free for all it is pretty much difficult to find a bug in pixel devices because every day Google is improving their services finding bug and fix them.



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