How to loop Youtube Videos in Android Mobile

How to loop Youtube Videos in Android Mobile. Here I am sharing ‘How you can loop your youtube videos in android. If more people start playing the same video over and over again, they are less likely to show ads effectively. In summary, a built-in loop function is not good for Google’s business. After nine years of request, they finally added it to the desktop version, but not to mobile, it won’t be coming soon.

How to loop Youtube Videos in Android Mobile

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t watch YouTube videos on Android and iOS. For both Android and iOS, there are some solutions to fix videos within the YouTube application. Although it is not like the web version, it works.

If you want to know how to loop videos in your android then watch this video. This video is really helpful and shares his way step by step to Youtube Video looping.

What is the youtube loop?
This is a web tool that plays YouTube videos in an infinite loop, what it means is: the video automatically resumes without any interference after reaching the end.

What can you do loop with Youtube?

  • Upload many YouTube videos
  • Play full videos or parts of YouTube in an infinite loop
  • YouTube video control loaded
  • Search YouTube videos informally

How do YouTube videos play on mobile devices?
YouTube will redirect you to your mobile site where you cannot play a video. To visit the desktop site, touch the menu option and select “Request desktop site”. Once you do this, you will see the loop option as seen in the desktop version.

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Does the loop count as a view on YouTube?
Each user is counted for the count of views only once. Watching a repeated video will not help increase the audience and may ban the channel.
How do I loop a YouTube link?
How do I repeat a YouTube video myself?
Go to YouTube in your favorite browser and open the video you want to repeat.
If you are using a touch screen, right-click on the video area or press and hold.
Select Loop on the menu.

Final Words
This is all about How to loop Youtube Videos in Android Mobile. If you have any doubt make sure to comment down below. Make sure to share this post with your friends who want to know about Youtube Video looping. Visit Phone vs Android for more.



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