Redmi Note 8 5G | 64 Mp Camera | Large Battery & Price

Redmi Note 8 5G | 64 Mp Camera | Large Battery & Price. Xiaomi has not fully started teasing the Redmi note 8 even the CEO and GM have started using that phone to post some teasers and other information on Weibo clearly says posted by a note 8 Android that’s great now here’s something exclusive and one of our follower Chen Yi Liang use.
Redmi Note 8 5G | 64 Mp Camera | Large Battery & Price

It is the Redmi note 8 say it’s having a drop notch on the front and the front design is something very close to the Oneplus 7.

In terms of the basis and in terms of the chain it’s having tiny top and bottom chain it’s nothing like the Redmi note 7.

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So that old design is gone yeah you’re not getting a full-screen panel that’s slightly disappointing maybe that’s reserved for the noted Pro which is coming later this year or early next year now on the back panel he says my early design was almost accurate so thumbs up for me but there’s a rear-facing fingerprint which is in the same module looks good in my opinion it has called cameras.

3.5-millimeter headphone jack USB C port and IR blasters only top and about these specifications the Redmi note 8 features MediaTek helio G9 TT CPU 64-megapixel primary lens and it has the codename begonia have next out six gigs of ram that’s a nice package for the specifications and design and this thing looks. 

The launch information he’s not confirmed but he says that it is coming on August 29th so around that time you can expect the announcement and all I’ll keep you updated regarding this now there is no information on the Note 8  cause it’s not coming along with this channel note 8 you may see some improvements both in design and performance maybe you will get the full-screen display or Snapdragon 730 or maybe a new SOC .

Does Redmi Note 8 Supports 5G?

No, I don’t think so Redmi Note 8 supports 5G because in a tweet of general manager of Xiaomi In Weibo the doesn’t mention about Speed. 

Redmi Note 8 Quick feature & Specification

  • 6.22-inch HD+ Display
  • Water Drop Notch
  • 2.0 GHz octa Core Processor
  • 4Gb RAM 64 GB Storage 
  • 64MP Primary Camera  

Redmi Note 8 Price

Redmi Note Price in India Maybe 28,000 Rs. & In USD 391.87


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