Redmi K20 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Depth Camera Comparison

Redmi K20 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Depth Camera Comparison. The Redmi Note 7 Pro broke even masks this year with a camera setup that still remains one of the best if not the best in its segment the Redmi k20 pro comes in with the same primary camera but also adds in two more cameras to assist.
Redmi K20 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Depth Camera Comparison

let’s compare the cameras on both these phones before we get started let’s take a minute to check out some of the skin so capes India for a red mean K20 pro and other smartphones they have a wide variety of schemes including this marble skin which looks dope in my opinion.

Even this wood variant which looks nice and will be a new texture that keeps India’s launching soon you can check out capes India Dom or follow the link in description below and use coupon code effortless to get 10% off on yard the Redmi k20 pro features a primary 48 my pixel 1/2 Sony IMX forensic sensor with f 1.75 in the middle at 2x telephoto camera with eight-megapixel resolution.

f2.4 a perch at the top while the bottom camera is a 13 mm pixel ultra-wide-angle camera with f 2.4 aperture and 120 4.8 degrees field of view the note surfer has a dual-camera setup which consists of a primary 40mm pixel half in sony MX-586 sensor mated to NF 1.8 lens they also get a secondary 5 megapixel f 2.0 depth sensor despite the identical hardware for the primary sensor.

The way these foods output images are still different the first thing you notice is the warmer tones on the Redmi k20 pro images well, not itself was cooler and more like very Light deal the K20 pro images also have more saturation by default in terms the dynamic reason notes improve tends to do better while preserving details and highlights while.

The K20 pro protests that occur more from the shadows while lighting the highlights lose a bit the file size is often large on the note 7 pros but in terms of detail and sharpness, the K 20 Pro is slightly better low-light performance in an area where you see a big difference between the two phones.

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It is better on the K20 pro and the gap still remains and the K20 pro still gives better images with or without night mode while the primary camera can capture a great amount of detail having a telephoto lens is always appreciated to get that extra bit of reach when needed and while the K20 Pro telephoto camera isn’t as good as a primary camera on either phone the output is still better than zooming in or cropping into that image.

The same was for the ultra-wide-angle camera the wide field of view allows you to create some dramatic looking shots which aren’t possible with the regular focal length on either phone in terms of portrait mode the Redmi k20 pro could earlier capture only with telephoto camera during a phase of testing and comparison shots but since then an update has brought about the ability to take portrait shots with the wide-angle camera as well still in town size detection and sharpness as well as blurring the rhythmic k20 Pro does a better job competitor notes intro the ability to use either the wide-angle camera for a wider perspective.

 The telephoto camera for a more force perspective as to its versatility the Redmi note 7 pro has a 13 megapixel f/2 front-facing camera while the k20 pro has a 20 megapixel f 2.2 pop-up camera despite the high resolution we find the quality of output to be better on the Note 7 Pro and the details are sharper more detailed and dynamic range is better to the slight difference in the field of view where the not-self toe is a bit narrow but it’s a very small difference whatever mode is great on both with good edge detection and blurring.

It’s hard to pick a clear winner here in our eyes both the phones are doing a good job under low-light to the performance of note 7 pro is better as it gives cleaner images with lesser noise owing to the large aperture as well as lesser amount of pixels that it has to push in terms of video recording the K20 Pro easily takes the Picture.

Does it support 4k 60fps without EIS which the node 7 pro doesn’t have it also gives 30 FPS with EIS while?

The note 7 pros can do 4k 30 FPS without EIS and 1080p 30fps max with yes on top of that the K 20 pro can record up to 4k 60 with telephoto and ultra-wide-angle camera 2 front-facing video max out a 1080p 30fps on both the phones.

There’s no EIS and quality is about the same and nothing worth bragging about on either yes would have made things a whole lot better and we hope that the k20 pro at least gets in there in future capturing 1080p 30fps video.

How well speaking my voice in this particular scenario this is the front-facing camera on the Redmi Note 7 Pro capturing 1080p 30fps video. 

the better camera phone is more versatile owing to a different focal length it has better camera performance in low light but a portrait mode and better video recording but if you don’t need the videos or the different focal lengths and note some Pro is still a solid offering at the price point.


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