Miui 10 for Redmi Note 5 | One click Download | Global Stable ROM for Note 5

Miui 10 is available for Redmi Note 5. Yes, finally the wait is over you can Download MIUI 10 for Redmi note 5. Today I am going to share this ROM with you guys this. before proceeding to download let’s know the feature of the ROM.

Miui 10 for Redmi Note 5 | One click Download  | Global Stable ROM for Note 5
MIUI 10 Redmi Note 5

Miui 10 for Redmi Note 5

MIUI always focuses on as customizable as possible. In addition to all system optimizations before MIUI 9, the MIUI 10 optimization features the ‘critical route without blocking’ and the ‘co-dependent priority taking your MIUI Experience trip to Thunder Speed, allowing 10% Increment Speed to MIUI 9.
The slip response is the time required by the system to react to the sliding speed of your finger. When you browse through your photos, browse the web or chat in Messenger incredibly fast, the MII 10 responds to the slip. In terms of slip response, MIUI is ahead of other Android phones.
How MIUI 10 solves the problem? First, in MIUI 10 we eliminate additional decorations and visual clutter, then redesign the design and reclassify the objects based on their characteristics. Now your screen looks crisp, clean and airy. Not only the notification tone, but we also redesign the entire system. MIUI 10 is full of new visual details: weather application, calendar, notes, and lock screen. These are new images for MIUI 10, designed for full screen with new aspect ratios.
The AI   algorithm can now blur the background in your portrait shots. You don’t need a DSLR and, more importantly, there is a dual-camera phone to make your photos look stunning and professional. This feature will be available on most Mi phones throughout our line after upgrading to MIUI 10, we will keep you informed about this.
The wait is over! The global stable ROM of MIUI 10 is running out and this time Redmi Note 5 has been added to the list. See the complete changelog and download the following link: Download

Designed for a full-screen experience

The new full-screen gestures will change the way you interact with your device. They can use everything the buttons use, except they are faster, smarter and more convenient.
The new user interface is designed for full-screen devices and allows content to be taken to the main stage.

Natural sound system

  • You will not get tired of the natural and ever-changing sounds of MIUI 1
  • We simplify system sounds and implement smart filters, so you only need to listen when you need them.
  • The forest, the beach, the drizzle, the stove fire and the environmental sounds of summer nights will help you relax and concentrate on what is important now.

Other improvements and optimizations

AI brings Portrait mode for single camera devices! Blur the background of your portraits and look as beautiful as you feel.
Other system applications (including Clock and Notes) also received a major renovation.

Final Words

Hope you will understand completely make sure to download all this file from the given link and if you have any query comment down and this is all about Miui 10 for Redmi Note 5. Visit Phone vs Android for more.


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