3 Best Tempered Glass For Vivo Z1 Pro & Durability & Distortion Test

As You know I compared Vivo Z1 Pro Phone with most of the new coming phone. Now let’s just take care of this phone because if you already purchase this Vivo Z1 pro then you need to purchase One Tempered Glass or I can say that screen protector because if you did not watch this video then you have to watch (Down Below) and need to purchase tempered  glass for Vivo Z1 pro. You also see  Durability & Distortion Test.


3 Best Tempered Glass For Vivo Z1 Pro

Here is 3 tempered glass for Vivo z1 pro which gets good reviews from consumers.
3 Best Tempered Glass For Vivo Z1 Pro & Durability & Distortion Test

1. Full edge to edge Tempered Glass

Rexez 11D Tempered Glass: Original Gorilla Glass is cut properly using CNC technology to cover the entire display of your phone. Edge is bent using German hot bending technology to provide complete protection according to performance. Military-grade, Anti-scratch our premium glass is 100% safe & anti-scratch. We layer it with a vacuum electroplating coating used to coat military helicopters to protect against adverse conditions.

  • Rex brings you a tempered glass that helps protect your phone screen. It comes with complete transparency that has no effect on visual display with your screen.
  • Made of real tempered glass that prevents the original screen from breaking.
  • Smooth and naked screen experience is provided for better chip-resistance as well as rounded edges.
  • Oleophobic coating prevents excess fingerprinting and oil stains and makes it easy to clean the film.
  • The anti-shattered film is designed to protect you and your phone

2. Full coverage edge-to-edge 5D / 6D / 11D tempered glass screen protector

Tingling Premium GLASS Protectors are the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. Highly protective and scratch-resistant glass / chip-resistant, this strong 9H (hardness level) protector will give you the best protection against your cell phone drops, scratches, bumps, and general wear and tear. Get all the protection without any bulk – Tingtong glass protectors are only thin, allowing ultra-lightweight to give them a ‘delicate touch’ style screen protector, which promises to not interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen is. To top it all, the Tingtong Glass Protector is designed to be 99.99% transparent to promote an optimal, natural, crystal viewing experience. Based on our Easy to Install Guarantee – just align the protector with your device and a simple swipe of your finger follows the protector on your screen.

  • This tempered glass is made from real glass which prevents your phone from hitting, and with a hardness of 9H, a diamond with a hardness of 10H. Provides super high definition clarity.

  • The smooth and nude device is designed to provide better screen-experience as well as provide better chip-resistance.

  • Without worry, buy the right cutout. Full coverage: by applying thermal compression technique.

  • The round edge design provides full coverage to each rounded edge.

  • Steel Alloy Curve Edge Panel uses a premium paint craft which gives the frame an elegant and original look.

  • The full glass curve edge does not like the screen protector, which is a very torn glass edge.
  • Very easy installation, free of bubbles.

3. SENSIBLE PRESENT Ultra Slim Luxury Auto-Fit Magnetic Cover Metal Frame & Clear Tempered Glass On Back

SENSIBLE Case for Metal Phone 9 Magnetic Metal Frame Tempered Glass Back Cover Case, Anti-scratch Tempered Glass Back Surface & Metal Bumper Phone Case, Invisible Magnetic Super Resetting, Installation More Convenient Of 16 magnetic points. 

  • 4 concave and convex closed holes, closed precision design, real machine open mold, precise hole position. Wireless supports fast charging and does not need to be switched off.

  • Magnetic adsorption design: Strong magnetic field adsorption technology takes you to a new era. From now on, establishing the matter became a pleasure. This makes your phone stand out among the crowd.

  • super easy installation: 360-degree magnetic strong adsorption mobile phone shell
  • All-round defense: Full body metal frame protection and anti-drop and shock-absorb design. Turn off screen and camera to flat surfaces
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Durability & Distortion Test



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