Yo Whatsapp is Safe or Not | What is Yo WhatsApp | Whatsapp vs Yo WhatsApp

Yo Whatsapp is Safe or Not | What is Yo WhatsApp |  Whatsapp vs Yo WhatsApp. Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications in the world, with more than a billion active users. Among so many people, some users are not completely satisfied with its functions. Therefore, we can find alternatives based on the original app, such as What’s Plus Plus, Ozzy Whatsapp, Whatsapp Transparent or with this YOWhatsApp (YoWA).
Yo Whatsapp is Safe or Not | What is Yo WhatsApp |  Whatsapp vs Yo WhatsApp

More Feature in Whatsapp Work

This is a mod based on the original messaging app, and you will not be able to download it directly from Google Play. However, you can catch its APK and can get out of additional work added by its developer. It comes with all the classic features, but it also adds those people who have to connect with aspects such as user privacy or interface optimization.
These are the key features that you will find in the latest version, which update the tasks of previous versions:

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Additional Privacy Function: Choose who can call you, visibility of your position, if anyone can see that you are recording or writing a message, check that the message has been received.

  • New text fonts allow us to change their size and type.
  • Android includes Oreo emojis.
  • Send any kind of ile: APK, ZIP, PDF …
  • User interface with smooth lines
  • You can send files over 700MB.
  • Performance improvements that work faster than WhatsApp.
  • Special locking mode via pin, pattern or fingerprint.
  • As you can see, new functions included by YoWa in Chat and Messaging app focus on implementing minor performance and performance improvements, as well as making the user experience more comfortable and enjoyable on the most popular mobile communication apps.

Whatsapp vs You Whatsapp?

Obviously, the official version is liquid and safe.

But YoWhatsapp has eliminated some great features that many WhatsApp users are hoping to be on WhatsApp.

The most upsetting thing in the What’s app is that we can not send full resolution images and can not be more than 16MB to send video and files. In addition, there is no app lock support with the official Whatsapp variant.

Now, if you want a comprehensive feature in your WhatsApp, you can definitely download it. Yes, it will not be officially safe, but if you are not a celebrity then there is no problem.


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