Xiaomi Mi9 In Display Camera Phone: What about Camera Clarity !

Xiaomi Mi9 In Display Camera Phone: What about Camera Clarity.  In the last two years, the design of the smartphone has changed rapidly. Many smartphone makers now come with the first Slim Bezel, with the Europe dancing or a punch hole display device, and then expanding the Nokia display screen size. 
MI 9
Apart from these, there are smartphones with a one-step forward pop-up selfie camera, with full-screen experience without any cutouts or scraps. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Shyomi is also ready to move one step further. Shami has now taken a patent of such a smartphone, in which the selfie camera will be under the device’s display.
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A sketch of Shaomi’s patent smartphone is shown online and it is showing in-display selfie camera setup. For this patent, Shaomi had applied in November 2018 and it also shows a light sensor with the camera behind the screen. 
In the patent, some details are written in the Chinese language, which states that there will also be a secondary demonstration under the main performance. Light sensors will work on both screens in such a way that camera users can be seen by clicking a selfie and if not used, then hide in the display itself.
Due to non-English information on a Patent image, this double-screen system cannot be fully searched. 
If rumors say that these display selfie cameras can become a trend for premium mobile phones in the coming years in 2019. Some other companies have also patented such devices and are working on it. Samsung, LG, and OPPO are also included in this. 
Last week it was revealed that Oppo can soon bring a smartphone, which will be given a selfie camera inside the display. It can be the first smartphone to come up with a new design.
Inside the display, the fingerprint sensor is fully developed and apart from the premium, many budget smartphones are also getting this facility. Hopefully, the in-display selfie camera system will also be able to see the rest of the phone. 
The best thing about it is that it will not have any pop-ups or rises-system, with full-screen experiences. Presently, Samsung’s flagship device is also coming with a five high display camera, and reports say that Samsung is also working on this design.
Oppo wrote in a tweet from his official Twitter handle, those who are looking for a perfect look smartphone, they are ready to be surprised. For the first time, you are watching under-display camera technology. 

What about Camera Clarity 

Oppo’s Vice President Brian shared the same video on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. Brian has also written in his post that the under-display camera probably could not get much better image quality. It is not clear what display will be used in the smartphone with this under-display camera.
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OPPO’s main arrival can also use under-display in his next flagship smartphone Mi9. Xiaomi’s Chief Executive Officer Lin Bin also shared the prototype of the smartphone with its under-display on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. 
How differently the smartphones with the under-display of these two companies will be different from each other, it will be known only after the launch of their next flagship. But, these two companies have done amazing work with new innovations.


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