lenovo laptop prices : Lenovo laptops starts From 15000 , i5 Proccessor

Lenovo laptop prices. As we know that finding a laptop at low prices with the great feature is Big thing, But today I am sharing the Lenovo laptop which is just started from 15000. This laptop is Refurbished. It means the company renew this laptop and sold it like new and this laptop available in Superb conditions.

lenovo laptop prices : Lenovo laptops starts From 15000 , i5 Proccessor

Lenovo Thinkpad Core i5

This laptop comes with i5 Processor 2nd generation. 2Gud is site from Flipkart where you get the refurbished item if I talking about this site is good for that who want to purchase an electronic item at a low price. 

There are various electronics available on this platform. If I talking about this laptop this laptop operating system is DOS, but you can change this operating system by your self or from the computer shop at very cheap price.

What I like about this laptop is a keyboard, Laptop keyboard is very good for those people who have work like typing, including me. The keyboard button is very good as well as it will give you satisfaction when you are typing anything nowadays, the company is sleek their laptop due to this, laptop button is too small or sometimes very difficult to press.
But not in this laptop, you can easily type whatever you want to type. this laptop comes with a warranty of 6 Month make sure this warranty is only for software damage not on physical damage. 
This laptop works great for those who want to purchase a laptop at 16000 in today’s date you have various options but it is difficult to find a laptop at a good price, This laptop is for a beginner you can use this laptop for casual gaming as well as rendering, 

You need to purchase this Accessories for this laptop

I do some research and find this best accessory for you at a cheap price and this accessory is important for this laptop, I find this each item at a low price. You can simply click to Buy now for this item.
This is the important accessories you need to purchase. These accessories double you laptop time, you can easily purchase buy click in each accessories name.
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The best is about this website is you can get a laptop at EMI. You can simply purchase this laptop at just rupees 565 per month. This laptop full fill all your basic need. This Lenovo laptop price is just amazing.

So, let’s cover the rest of the Feature of this laptop

  • 64 Bit OS structure
  • 240 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 14-inch Display
The best thing is that you can return this product within 10 Days if you don’t like this product.


This is all about Your Lenovo laptop prices or I can say that very budget friendly laptop in just rupees 15000. This laptop is for beginner and this is a truth you do not get too much feature in this price range. If you have any more question about this website make sure to comment down below and visit Phone vs Android for more.


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