Fast Charging Samsung Phone Trick – Latest 2019

Fast Charging Samsung Phone Trick. Hey, guys if you are searching that how can I Fast charge my Samsung Phone. Here I will share some tips for you, where you can easily know how can I fast charging my Samsung phone. Charging your phone in advance is a clear solution to the problem, but refilling the battery of your handset is not always a quick process.
Fast Charging Samsung Phone Trick - Latest 2019

  • Turn On Aeroplane Mode for fast charging

One of the easiest ways to speed up the charging process time is to switch off your phone to airplane mode before connecting your charger. Cellular, Bluetooth, radio and WiFi services stop the connection of your cell phone, which, if you do not use your device, sheds light in the background secretly.

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Airplane mode is a setting available on almost all smartphones, laptops and similar devices. when you enable Airplane mode it stopped signal transmission, this step helps you to fast your charging speed in your Samsung phone. An Airplane icon will appear in your phone’s status bar.
This feature is known as airplane mode because many airlines stop wireless equipment on their plane, especially when loading and unloading. There is some debate on whether the phone can interfere with radio devices in the air, but most consider it the best in favor of caution.

  • Turn Off Data and Wifi
While charging your phone make sure you turn off your data and wifi, It helps you to speed up your charging speed of Samsung Mobile. 

  • Use Samsung Fast Charger
This is the biggest mistake that every customer do, they are using duplicate chargers in their Samsung phone. First, you need to purchase a quality charger for your phone. here is a good charger for your Samsung mobile

  • Buy Charging cases
Buy good quality charging cases from Amazon. Buy some good charging cases for your Samsung phone. It helps you with your phone in emergency time.

Additional Ways:

1. Turn Off Your Phone while Charging
I know this is not easy to turn off your phone when you think you want a serious fast charging with your Samsung phone you need to turn off your phone and it stopped all the signal transmission and speed up your charging speed.
2. Remove You phone Back Case

We all know our phone heat, in my case my phone heat a lot, and trust me guys when your phone started heating your phone started reducing your phone battery faster. Think that when you are charging your phone and your phone is heating and ultimately it reduces your charging speed.
When you remove your back case it helps your phone to be cool in simple words !


This is the Fast Charging Samsung Phone Trick – Latest 2019. Hope this trick works for you and you can easily Fast Charging Samsung Phone. This is it for today, make sure you share this post and appreciate my work and Visit Phone vs Android for More.


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