5 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels [Update June 2019]

5 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels [June 2019]. Hey, guys if you want to know most subscribed youtube channels then you are in the right place. I find this all Youtube channels from the Social Blade and You can also watch this in a social blade. This is totally based on Their subscriber milestone and I am not covering only individual but a company too. 
10 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels and Their Facts

10 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels and Their Facts

  • T-Series

T-Series is an Indian Music Company as well as a film production company. This is the first channel who hit 100 Million subscribers, If you are active in youtube then you definitely know about PewDiePie vs T-Series Drama.  T-Series is Owned By Bhushan Kumar Dua is an Indian music producer, composer, and film producer.  This channel Upload 10-15 video daily and as I talking about this daily subscriber growth, T-series daily get 1,50,000 Subscriber. This is happening Just because of Jio Revolution In India. This is the Most subscribed youtube channel.

  • Current Subscriber: 101,695,913
  • Uploads: 13,487
  • Video Views: 73,093,832,921
  • Channel Name: T-Series
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes
As you know that from the name this channel is all about Nursery Rhymes. This channel post new videos every week, both single song videos and compilations. This channel is all about kids learning and make him/her laugh and learn some lessons, as well as fun, loved to watch videos. Kids will laugh, dance, play and sing, along with our videos while they learn their animal sounds, colors, letters, numbers and more.

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This channel also makes life easier for parents who want to keep their kids happily entertained, giving you the peace of mind that your children are receiving wholesome, quality, educational content. This channel video gives kids to dance and enjoy the video as well as learning, Kids are enjoying to watch this channel.

  • Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos
Here you will find the best-hidden cameras of the Silvio Santos Program, already achieved successes and new videos every week! As I try to understand about this channel, this channel contains Footage from cameras, I think which is shoot from hidden cameras. 
  • kids toys play – Learn Colors For Children
This is Channel comes under gaming channel and you will get lots of Games movie for kids every day. All video is in high definition. This channel is all about animation and movies for kids. This channel is Hide their subscriber but, social blade places this channel in 4 Position of most subscribed youtube channel.
  • Zee TV
This channel is Indian channel based on Serials comes on T.V. Zeetv Just hit 30 Million subscribers and 5th most subscribed youtube channel. If I talk about the type of videos on this channel. The videos are about entertainment. This channel is mostly watched by Woman’s in India and this is famous for Serials If you want to watch the full episode you need to watch this on T.V.
  • Current Subscriber: 30,237,255
  • Uploads: 88,499
  • Video Views: 30,543,511,906
  • Channel Name: Zee TV


This is the 5 Most subscribe Youtube channel. Hope you like this make sure to comment down, if you have any doubt and share this article and if I forget to mention anything make sure to comment down. The list is based on their subscribers and if I talk about this channel some are handled by individuals and some are handled by big Companies. Visit Phone vs Android for more.



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