Mi factory reset password – 100% Working Method

how to reset mi phone – 100% Working Method

Mi factory reset password - 100% Working Method

What is mean by Reset

Before Covering Mi factory reset password. lets us know what is mean by reset Factory reset, also known as Master Reset, is an electronic device that removes all of the information stored on the device in its original device state of the device by removing its original creator’s settings by eliminating it in an electronic device.

By doing so, the data, settings, and applications will be found by all those who were on the first device. This device can also be used to restore your original settings. Such electronic devices include smartphones

Since factory reset insists on removing all the information stored in the device, it is basically a concept similar to the reforming hard drive.

Applications and data already installed on the card’s storage card (for example MicroSD card) should not be carefully factory reset, as it effectively destroys all the data stored in the unit.

A factory reset can fix many chronic performance issues such as freezing and the operating system’s operating system will not be removed.

A factory reset can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on an electronic device. For some devices, this tool can be done by going to the Services menu. Other devices may require complete re-installation of the software. The following section lists some common electronic devices and how they can be factory reset.

The computer factory will reset the computer to the original operating system of the computer and delete all the data stored on the computer. There are options for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows 10, and Apple’s MacOS.

The settings on the Android device have a factory data reset option that will appear to erase all data on the device and reset all its settings.

This method is usually used when there is a problem in the device which can not be decided by using other methods, or when the owner wants to destroy his personal data before selling the device.

After a study, avast! It has been reported that the data is recoverable using “fairly normal” and “publicly available” forensic software.

As such, this does not reset the device to its original factory settings, and there is no way to return the device to a compatible position with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Data on the SIM card and MicroSD card is not erased. If the device has been modified for custom retrieval such as TWRP which is capable of installing custom ROMs.

It is necessary to back up any data as well as stock ROMs.

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Many other devices can be restored to factory settings, such as TVs, GPS units or tablets.

Many electronic devices have a menu in which the tools and settings are called the service menu. [4] Service menu typically includes a device that performs a factory reset. This device is most common in devices with a display, such as television sets and computer monitors. These menus are usually accessed through the sequence of button presses.

Note Before Mi factory reset password

By resetting the phone, the factory will remove all files and data, including accounts, contacts, photos, and apps. It will format the SD card to remove all files and data on the SD card. The whole process is usually a three-step process that includes:

  • Backup your device
  • Factory device reset
  • Restore your device

If You want to know how to reset mi phone/mi factory reset the password you are in the right place.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to reset your Mi phone and this tutorial also works on many other models you can use this method.

If you want to remove the pattern of pin or fingerprint on this phone you need to know how to reset Mi phone. So let’s do it so the first thing that you must do is to power off your phone from the power button and select power off and hit the power off.

This method is helpful for hard reset Xiaomi Redmi 2

Wait a few seconds 

Now you must push and hold the volume up button and the power button until you see Mi logo on your screen so let’s do it volume up and power

Hold and now remove your fingers and wait a few seconds now this is our service menu and it is in Chinese to change on English

Now you must enter in recovery menu for that just hit recovery and we have a warning do you really want to enter to recovery hit ok and wait a few seconds and now this is Mi recovery the person is 3.0 I think the older version of the mi recovery doesn’t have this option

Now select wipe data okay now to select just push the volume down and to confirm wipe data press power and if you want to wipe all data again press power button and to confirm hit volume down.

Again power button and now wait a few seconds okay data piped successfully and now you must return to the main menu for that just hit the power button and reboot hit again power button and again to reboot the system.

Now You’re ‘How to reset Mi phone’ Tutorial is almost 80% completed let’s finish the res 20%

he has taken power button and waits until your phone will restart

It Takes Some Minutes

When Phone Turned On Do the initial setup just hit this arrow and select your home language and hit next now select your origin, okay and you must do the initial setup. Mi factory reset password is now Done.

The setup is complete and Now, you can use your phone

Quick Explanation: Mi factory reset password

This Method is a very popular method of Mi factory reset password/how you can hard reset xiaomi redmi 2. 

  • Power off the phone.
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Power button.
  • Then select “wipe data/factory reset” using Volume buttons  
  • Power button to confirm.
  • Now choose ‘Yes — delete all user data’.
  • After that accept Click in  ‘reboot system now’
  • DONE!

Final Words
For faster processing, we recommend using the local backup method on cloud backup because it needs elsewhere to save backup data, so if you do not have it anywhere, use the cloud option. While the cloud option allows you to keep regular backups on the Mi Cloud, it comes with the cost of the data so unlimited Wi-Fi is recommended.

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