5 Best Way to Download Instagram Stories

Today, I am going to Share How you can Download Instagram Stories. In Instagram, there is no option of download story You just have an option for archive your story, but you can only view while your internet is connected But today, I am going to share 5 Best Way to Download Instagram Stories.
5 Best Way to Download Instagram Stories
Download Instagram Stories

Instagram Downloader Online Is Legal?

Yes, It is legal but makes sure that you don’t need to damage the Person security or never share a story without the permission of the person who uploads a story.

How can I download Instagram stories?

  • Open Instagram and find your story
  • In a lower right corner. click “More Option”
  • Click on  “Save Story” once the menu appears.
  • You have successfully downloaded your stories 
This is a way of downloading an Instagram story but today I am going to show you how you can download story in your gallery. 
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1. Instagram Stories Photos and Videos Download
The simple way to download and save Instagram articles and stories highlights photos and videos on your PC, Mac, phone. To download Instagram stories just enter the Instagram username and go.
You can simply Download by Adding Username of User and It is Easy!
Click To Visit
In this website, You just need to copy the profile link or URL and paste into the column and click on the download button. this is the simple step you can download stories.
You can download Images and Video too 
Click To Visit
3.Story Saver for Instagram
Story Saver- is an app to download Instagram stories online. This App gets 4.5 ratings in play store. you can simply download this app by clicking on the Install button and start Download Instagram Stories. 

Download App From Playstore
4. Instadp.net: Instagram Downloader Online
Instagram is a feature on Stories Instagram that allows users to post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. When a user shares a story, then it is worthwhile to see that 24 hours have passed since it can not be seen. If you are trying to download an Instagram story that your friend or favorite celebrity has posted then there is no way to do this on Instagram.
With this website, you can download your story and share it on other social media. You can also download other amazing stories from other creators to save them for viewing offline.
Click Here To Enter
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5. Ninja Copy

Ninja-Copy lets you download all photos and videos from the user in one click. This website is similar to this website

How to Download Instagram Story:

  1. Go to the Instagram profile from which you want to download stories.

  2. Copy the Instagram username or you go to `menu` and copy the profile URL.

  3. Paste the user name in the text box above or above in the main page.

  4. Click the “Download Story” button to download Instagram photo or video.


This is the 5 Best Way to Download Instagram Stories. This 5  website helps you to download Instagram stories. If you have any dought make sure comment down. This 5 website is based in my research you can simply download stories even photos and videos and save directly into your gallery. If you are reading this now thank you very much and don’t forget to share to your friends who want to download Instagram Stories.

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