5 Best Feature Of Android Q | Android 10

5 Best Feature Of  Android Q | Android 10. So what are standout Android Q features to know? We’ve covered you with our round-up! Note that we are focusing on features that are either confirmed by Google or which do not require any extra tweaks to use. For a walkthrough list of Android Q features, including enhanced additions to developer settings, you can see our hub here.
Android Q

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1. A dark mode

Google has experimented with system-wide dark mode for a while, but the company has finally made it official with Android Q.
Dark Mode can be activated through quick-tile setting or when you activate the battery saver option. In addition, screenshots shared by Google (seen above) show that dark mode will also affect Google podcast, photos, and search.
This will undoubtedly be one of the most crowded Android Q features when the updates finally landed. But Mountain View Company is also working with third-party developers to implement Dark Mode in their app.

2. Smart reply to all messaging apps

Smart Answers is one of Google’s better features, which predicts what you are saying in response to the message. It’s currently available for Google Apps, but now it’s coming to all messaging apps in Android Q.
This means that you can now find the suggested answers in the choice of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger – an easy way to save time when there is a small response. These suggestions are made using all device-on-machine learning, which keeps your privacy because relevant information is not sent to Google’s servers.

3. Focus mode

One of the more prominent user-facing Android Q features is the expansion of the so-called Focus Mode, Digital Welling Suite. As the name suggests, this mode will help you focus on grading those apps that are distracting you and hiding their information.
Digital wellbeing is getting another facility for integrated parental control. Google has already introduced parents tools through the Family Link app, but still welcome out-of-the-box support.

4. Quick access to settings

Toggling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity options is already super easy, but Google makes this process a little easier when you’re in the app. Enter settings panel …
This new popup window can be summarized by apps in some cases. Google offers an example of launching the browser in aeroplan mode. The browser can now ask users to activate Wi-Fi, then automatically it can summon the settings panel.

5. Sharing Wi-Fi via Q-Code

Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones have been allowed to share Wi-Fi credentials through QR code for a long time. That’s why we’re pleased to adopt this trend with Google’s new Android updates.
Convenience is easy to use, as you tap on your Wi-Fi connection, press Share button, then authenticate with your phone’s password or fingerprint. From here, you should see a QR code, and your friend can scan to access this code. Again, this is nothing new to third-party brands, but we are happy that Google is holding on to it.
This is for our look at the top Android Q features! We’re updating the article because Google discloses major changes to the platform. Are there any other features that you would like to see in stock Android


This is the top 5 feature of Android Q, or i can say most of the users are demand for this feature and now the feature is here and it is simple this is first starting rolling out in Pixel devices, and then in others devices.
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