Mouse Acceleration Fix in Simple steps

Mouse Acceleration Fix in Simple steps. If you want to fix your Mouse Acceleration, then you are in the right place. before proceeding make sure you follow every step carefully.

Mouse Acceleration Fix

Mouse Acceleration

Mouse acceleration is a setting where the distance of the cursor increases when the mouse moves fast. Smoothing the mouse is the interpolation of raw input data from the mouse to prevent jerky movement in low-resolution mice.
In general, there are two types of mouse acceleration:-
  •  Positive acceleration 
  •  Negative acceleration

Positive mouse acceleration 
This is the most common implementation. Positive mouse acceleration means faster you are moving your mouse, the farther cursor will travel on the screen. 
Negative mouse acceleration 
Exactly opposite behavior – Your mouse is moving fast, the short-distance cursor will travel. This is undesirable behavior and some types of input or display can indicate a problem because the game mouse is leaving the input data, but usually, the mouse control implementation is not properly tested. Examples are blood-based games like RemoteCricket 3 or Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon where you need to increase voting rates within game data files in Mouse Acceleration.

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Mouse Smoothing
As stated earlier, the mouse smoothing mouse is the interpolation of raw input data and it was originally designed for optomechanical mice. 
These rats did not have too much resolution (usually up to 400 dpi), so the cursor’s motion looked jerky – every time the cursor jumped some pixels. Mouse smoothing was introduced to prevent this jerky movement. 
The system is interpolating raw data with the mouse and making extra data points so that the speed of the last mouse on the screen is smooth.
This feature should not exist today because every mouse has at least 800 DPI resolution in the market, although it is still used in some games and some mouse manufacturers are using it to increase the said DPI. Unfortunately, with easy detection, the mouse movement does not look weird.
Mouse Acceleration Fix 
  1. Download mark Mouse Acceleration Fix 
  2. Set-up your DPI display 
  3. Extract download archive
  4. Find corresponding .REG file in your system &  DPI setting and run it
  5. Reboot or log off to apply this Acceleration Fix 

Final Words

Thought this process you can easily fix Mouse Acceleration. This is a simple tutorial for you hope you like it. If this is not working you can again follow this process and if this is not working comment down.


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