How can I download Aadhaar card online – Easy Method

What is Aadhaar Card Online

How can I download Aadhaar card online - Easy Method
Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card Online means you can download or see Aadhaar card with the help of the Internet.
After completing the Aadhaar number verification process, a 12-digit random number issued by the UIDAI (“Authority”) for the residents of India. 
Any person, in spite of age and gender, who is resident of India, can voluntarily enroll from Aadhaar number.
 The person desirous of nomination has to provide minimum demographic and biometric information during the enrollment process which is totally free. 
Only once and after the de-duplication, only a specific requirement will arise, as the specificity is achieved through the demographic process. Biometric D-Duplication.
The base number is devoid of any intelligence and does not profane people on the basis of caste, religion, income, health, and geography. 
Aadhaar number is a proof of identity, however, it does not provide any right to citizenship or domicile in relation to the Aadhaar number holder.
With the underlying characteristics of Aadhaar Identity, Specification, Authentication, Financial Address, and e-KYC, the Government of India only enables the residents of the country to reach the distribution of various subsidies, benefits, and services using the base number only.
Aadhaar is a strategic policy tool for promoting social and financial inclusion, public sector distribution reforms, management of fiscal budget, facilitation and hassle-free public-centric rule. 
The basis can be used as a permanent financial address and provides the financial inclusion of the deprived and weaker sections of society and hence it is a tool for distributive justice and equality. Aadhaar Identity Platform is one of the main pillars of ‘Digital India’, in which each resident of the country is given a unique identity. 
The Aadhaar program has already achieved many milestones and is the largest biometrics-based identification system in the world until now.

How can I download Aadhaar card online – Easy Method

The citizens of India need the basis for enjoying some government welfare facilities provided by the Government of India. 

The document acts as a proof of address and identity for a person. 

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI). 

After enrolling once for a person for Aadhar card in base centers or banks/post offices, he can download and print the UIDAI base using the nomination ID, virtual ID or base number provided by UIDAI. 

After issuing a number, he can follow these different steps for download of Aadhar card.

Download Aadhaar card online Available Links – Easy Method

Here Is the Step by Step Method How you can easily download Aadhar Card Online

Step 1: Click On This Link 

Step 2: Select the “Base” option under the section “I have”
Step 3: Enter the base number of your 12 digits. If you do not want to show the full numbers of your base numbers, then select the “Mask Base” option
Step 4: Enter the CAPTCHA verification code and click “Send OTP” option to get a one-time password on your registered mobile number
Step 5: Enter the OTP received at your mobile number
Step 6: Complete the survey and click on “Verify and Download” to download eAadhar Card.
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Points to Remember while downloading Online Adhar Card

  • If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI, you can not download the base.
  • UIDAI sends OTP to the registered mobile number for authentication before allowing you to download Aadhaar card.
  • You can not download the Aadhar Card without OTP.
  • You can download e-bases as often as you want.
  • The downloaded e-base can be used everywhere instead of your original base card.
  • After downloading the online basis, you can get a print out by entering a password.
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