5 Ways To Clear The Phone’s Storage | Will Not Hang

5 Ways To Clear The Phone’s Storage – Will Not Hang. A good thing with Android smartphones is that they get much freedom of customization. But a little disturbing thing is that gradual internal memory recruitment goes away. 

5 Ways To Clear The Phone's Storage | Will Not Hang

You can improve the performance of the phone by removing the internal storage in some easy ways. Let’s learn, how can you empty the internal storage in 5 steps.

Uninstall extravagant apps

You can download many more apps from the Android Play store. But there are many apps that we install but we can not use them later. 

Uninstall unattended apps like this. To do this, go inside the app and go to the app or go to the app drawer and touch and hold the icon. This will show you the uninstall option.

Clear cache memory

Due to many things being saved in the cache, the storage is filled in a few days. Apps and websites cache a lot of data to reduce loading time If you have an internet connection, then this data is not of any use to you.

To delete the cache memory and free space. To do this, follow the steps below – Settings -> Storage & USB -> Internal Storage -> Cached Data

Reduce the size of the pictures

You do not necessarily keep the photos in the phone itself. Backup them online via Google Photos or other cloud storage apps. After this, delete them from the phone. This will allow you to free up too much space.

In addition, you can resize photos by downloading the photo and picture resizer app. This will take you less space in your storage. Do not forget to back up photos of full resolution.

Delete downloads

Go to downloads inside settings If you have downloaded a large file, then delete it. From time to time, keep cleansing downloads, because in many cases, such files are stored, which are not of use.

Delete video

Videos also occupy too much space. You can also backup them to the cloud or upload them privately to YouTube. After this, delete them from the phone.


So this is the way you can increase your storage. So that’s it for  today visit our site for more


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